A properly drafted and negotiated contract is critical to business success.

Contracts should accurately reflect the parties’ intent and appropriately address potential issues, including risk mitigation and dispute resolution. We can assist you in this process. We also can provide guidance and assistance in handling employee-related agreements, including NDAs, non-competes, independent contractor agreements, etc. We will provide proper counsel to best protect your interests.

When disputes arise, the first step is not always to file a lawsuit. We can assist you through the pre-litigation phase ensuring that you are fully complying with any conditions precedent in the contract(s), communicating with the other side to find common ground, and often aiding in pre-litigation successful resolution.

If litigation becomes necessary, whether because of a breach or other dispute, we have more than two decades of experience representing small, mid-sized, and international companies in state and federal courts and in other venues such as mediation and arbitration.